Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Turquoise Liberty Quilt

Since I finished the fete goodies in early July, I've started a new quilt. I loved the way my mini doll's quilt turned out, so I decided to make a bigger one - it's nearly cot sized now, but I think I'll carry on to single bed size.

I'm on my summer holidays now for 6 weeks - so hopefully will finish this one by the end of the summer. 

Thursday, 21 July 2016


We have a great museum in Cardiff which we like to visit -especially the Dinsoaur display with the woolly mammoth and lots of fossils.

Which of course inspired our classroom.....


Our Community

We studied our local community. We were...
 Community Explorers!

Another couple of boxes and a roll of garish wallpaper (Who would??) for our 2 seater Safari car.

We went orienteering in our local area, and around the park looking for clues, and also learned about the wider world neighbours, including Fairtrade.

Some collages I made earlier...with a Fairtrade theme.

Father's Day

Cards for Dad - with a chocolate centre- because he's worth it!

No. 1 Dad

Growing things

For our 'Growing' theme we had a visit to Roath park in Cardiff. 
The Botanical Garden inspired our role play area...

We created a garden centre.

Grew beans,

Learned about the parts of the plant,

and used money too!

We were inspired by the artist Georgia O'Keefe and created our own pastel drawings of flowers. 

There's a rumble in the ....

Jungle....Mini Zoo again - a repeat of a few years ago - an oldie but a goodie.

Again, an assembly performance required animal masks...the children drew around stencils that I had prepared, cut the shape out, sponge painted or printed onto them and collaged them with various buttons, hessian, etc.
We had...

Crocodiles ( we did add teeth later!), printed with bubble wrap





Cardboard bands were added to make into headresses.

Ever feel like you're being watched??

St David's Day

Daffoldils - one of the emblems of Wales. These ones were made from cupcake cases. The children cut out the petals after drawing around a stencil that I had prepared.

Mini Zoo

A continuing theme in Year 1.

Our Pet Shop with...

bunnies and goldfish


and bearded dragons


and budgies

We had a visit from reptiles and a dog to inspire us. 

Spring Term

 Mother's Day Cards -  Handbags using Sizzix Die. The Children drew and coloured their own flowers to embellish the card and a chocolate was placed inside. 

Special Meals - Communion. The children collaged their favourite meals onto paper plates.
Central 'stained glass' Church.

Lent Display

Footprints to show how the children will try to make changes during Lent. The cross is purple of  Lent with passion flowers (Passion Of Christ).

Our Lenten assembly display, with palm.

We had Samba drumming lessons for our Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day)

A creative term with masks galore suing a variety of ways of fastening and collaging.

Our Easter cards, collaged with paper (I photocopied my scraps of fabric), buttons and a twiggy cross.