Friday, 27 June 2014

Easter Cards

I cut out a stencil to create the sunray background, which the children sponged onto the card. Again I used wallpaper for the collaged hills, and newspaper for the cave. The children drew their own angel, and with a little help, made a twiggy cross. Then embellished with buttons and sequins.
The cirlces were die-punched for speed and ease. The twiggy cross was a little tricky - we had fun collecting the twigs. They needed a little help tying the wool - but that is a skill that they need to achieve.

30 cards later...For a year 1 class.
And previous Easter cards...I really should take more photos of the things that I make, but it's always rush, rush, rush!! The next cards were made with reception children, using printing, folding and collaging.
I used to use my Sizzix a lot. The thing about working with 60 children to produce an item over 1 or 2 days is speed and preparation. I'm always trying to use recycled goods for craft as it's:
  1.  cheap 
  2.  easily available
 you can get a bit carried away buying craft materials and it becomes expensive when working with this many children. So here, we printed the paper using a drawer liner from Ikea. It was plastic with dots on it. The children helped me look for letters in the newspaper, which were collaged and then photocopied. The bird and leaves are Sizzix cut outs, and the wing is actually the easter story, folded by the children into a fan - so lots of skills used here. I do take my machine into school and let then help when I can - they are just fascinated by it!

and some gift bags filled with little eggs as their treat....punched out shapes and collaged by the children, using up left over bits and bobs - yes there's that printed paper again!

I work with older children now, so I don't provide so many shapes, as their skills are better.

Father's Day Cards

I didn't have much time to think about these...but a lucky find in the kitchen cupboards led to these cupcake cases rosettes for Father's Day cards. Handmade paper sets off the background with spotty ribbon, simple idea and quite effective too. I managed to whip up 30 in 1 hour with the children.

Sewing on Card

I've used a wallpaper sample book and newspaper to create these sunny sunflower cards. Stuck down with a little glue, then sewn onto the card.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

First Wedding Anniversary Card

This post is a little late, as it's nearly 2 years since the wedding.....but this is last year's card, simply made for a first 'paper' anniversary. I love sewing with paper and the reason I used newspaper is because my son-in-law was our local newspaper boy when my daughter met him.

I also made some larger hearts and sewed them together as bunting. Thinking cap on now for the second 'cotton' anniversary....