Thursday, 26 July 2012

Wedding season

More bunting, this time in purple hues..

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

School fete went well...

It didn't rain!! Hooray!!

It did blow a gale towards the end though and my trustee marquee nearly blew away! Quickly taken down on the grounds of (ahem) health and safety.

Prints/collage pictures made by the children

Paper pirate hats

along with treasure chests (Sizzix Big Shot Pro, Box, Round Top) - worked out 16p each to make using A3 card form the Range (£3.99 a pack).
We made little treasure maps to go inside, along with a couple of gold coins and a pirate patch and moustache (ebay about 23p each).

Mini scarecrows made with the children, alongside their beans.  It's amazing what you can do with a couple of hessian sacks!

The hearts sold out ...
We kept a red, white and blue theme as it was the Jubilee/Olympics...which turned into a sailing/regatta theme...using any free materials that came my way, such as the hessian..cost forever in mind., as well as thinking up activities that 5 year olds can contribute to.

Clay initials made with the children - I used Scupley clay for these - however quite pricey at £13.99 a pack.  These were baked for 20 mins, then painted (by me!) and crackle glazed to look (a little) like spanish tiles.

Clay hearts (Das air dry). Cheaper at £3.99 a pack - took longer to dry out though and maybe not as durable as the Sculpey, which had a rubbery feel. The hearts were embossed with paisley embossing plates, then I used letterpress fonts to print words into them. (At last found a use for the letterpress collection gathering dust!). Then glazed.

We made mini Olympic torches too, just poking out in the corner.

My sail boat bunting in action (It wasn't for sale).

Not everything sold, but I'm sure it all will go next week in school with my selling technique! It's quite amazing though - we're always told that we're selling things too cheaply, but at a fete no-one will pay over a pound for anything. Most things were priced at 50p/£1, with a couple of items at £2 due to materials and effort!  We spent about a month preparing everything.

This was just one of the stalls at our fete, which usually raises around an amazing £2-£3000!

I don't mind sharing ideas - all for a good cause! Let me know how you get on..

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Pirate flags

Finished early this morning - Piratey pennants/flags to hang on the door - danger!! smelly socks...that kind of thing..

Upcycled Boden Skirt

I bought a skirt from Ebay for a fiver.  It is blue/chambray, linen Boden, although a little too long at calf length. 

rubbish photo...ebay one - too tiny.
 So I cut off about 5 inches and sewed bias binding to the hem.  Then I added some heart patches - all ready for my themed fete on Saturday.  I'm on a roll baby!

What do you think?

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

School fete time again...

Thinking caps on....a few things that I have come up with so far, continuing on with the Jubilee/Olympics theme.  It started with red, white and blue...

The Queen of Hearts

 using a hessian sack from my husband's factory..


rather scrappy looking, but transformed...

by my husband - I used the wrong colours (apparently!)

I love the little details he added....he was itching to get his hands on them!

Flotilla/regatta theme

Of course you have to throw in a bit of bunting...

and  pirate flags..little treasure maps to go inside chests that I've made in school with the children, along with hats.  More pics soon..

I've found some more pictures!  I made these in school- we printed the 'waves' with string which we coiled up onto a circle of card.  The boat was collaged with newspaper and paper that we printed.  One of my favourite things to do is to go to IKEA and find alternative uses for their products.  The dots were printed with a jelly-like roll of drawer liner from the kitchen department  (just googled it, it's called RATIONELL VARIERA).

and the bunting, nearly finished..oops, just noticed that I've sewn one on the wrong way around, so excuse me I have some unpicking to do..and I've also just burnt the rhubarb other people live in this house??? really!! I've got a blog to write!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Wedding..Jubilee weekend

The table numbers.  Big shot Pro used for these labels (Sizzix Album Tags). Roses: flowers 3D, Frame scallop oval die.

The favour gift tags.  Sizzix framelits used again for the hearts.(heart 657561 and scalloped heart 657562).  I punched a hole and added curling ribbon to attach to the gift bags.

The suitcase table plan.  I lined it with a candy striped paper and doilies.  I used Sizzix framelits to make the flag bunting ( Pennant plain 657570 and Pennant scallop 657571).  My other half drilled holes into the sides to thread the ribbon through.


The bunting.  I managed to find a really pretty green, scalloped binding on ebay.

The bunting in action

The table cards, menu and gift tags in action

The gift bags contained love heart sweets, jelly hearts and chocolate hearts.

I used the same cake design on the menu cards as the invitations.  A mirror disc was centred, with my vintage glass cakestand collection put to good use.  Ikea vases and tealights with vanilla scented candles, silk roses.

The Order of Service.
  I used the ticket design on the front with a paper rose for the Bride and Groom as they had the full service in theirs, with a small loveheart for the guests.  These were tricky as the service was a full Catholic Mass.  The Priest had asked us to print the whole thing!  which was 12 A4 pages long!  We managed to reduce it to 8 pages, so it was 2 sheets of A4 in booklet form - A5.  All this just 2 days before the wedding 45 booklets - wow, was I stressed.  Luckily my other half was put to good use with the (temperamental) printer.  Then sticking them in.  I thought about stitching them together, or punching 2 holes and threading ribbon...but in the end I used a cocktail stick to place glue in the folds to stick it all together.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Back to the wedding...

after that little diversion....
buttons - vintage ones that I bought from Ebay.


Two packs of mother of pearl, one pink Czech glass, and one burgundy plastic rose..I love old buttons, the weight of them, the coldness to touch..I have a thank you tag in mind for these beauties.

Two vintage suitcases..have just given them a good clean and a bit of to re-line them with pretty paper.

and the bunting is coming along...