Thursday, 29 September 2011

Noah's Ark bunting

I've made 2 sets - 1 as a gift and 1 to sell

I've been busy this week, using up some fabric remnants, including Laura Ashley, to make this bunting.

2 by 2

I think I like the cows the best..this 'free' stitch worked well here.

I love this newspaper fabric.

Just getting used to machine embroidery.....

I bought a darning foot for my machine, although it didn't fit...luckily, it fitted my old machine that was in the attic.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Applique bags

small party/ lunch bag
Sizzix dies: Baby bird 655903, Sweet phrase 656573

Tote apple a day...

Bag - clever baggers again
Sizzix dies: Apple 656713

Friday, 16 September 2011


Whilst on my screen printing course at Cardiff university this year, I indulged a little, in some prints for myself...


Love this print - couldn't resist it.  I googled 'chicken..screenprint', thinking no one would have the same design as me. Although it is a linocut.  It's now framed in my living room, just waiting for a spare bit of wall space!

This is one I bought for my daughter.  It made me smile as I thought of all those years of ballet lessons.

and this one....
 I work in a school and whilst we were studying fairy tales, I find that my work often inspires my art and the also other way around.  This one is mine:

I was trying to do the 'picture within a picture' thing..  It's Little Red Riding Hood....of course someone had done it (alot) better than me, although a more grown up version... I bought this one from Strawberryluna   http ://  It's just so clever, I look at it for ages trying to  figure it out.

Saturday, 10 September 2011


Well this summer I have discovered fusible web - the iron on sticky stuff to fuse the applique to the fabric.  I've gone a bit mad with it, but found another use for my thicker Sizzix dies.

I've had some of this fabric for a while..including Laura Ashley.

My daughter is getting married next year - she wanted a Campervan as a wedding car - I got really excited about using this design on napkins....but alas, campervan not available..never mind

I do like tea parties...and I have so many vintage tablecloths..

I bought a couple of linen skirts on ebay...both were longer than I would like, so I trimmed off a few inches and who knows..applique some little birds?


owl mobile
Sizzix dies: owl 656702, pop up tree 656030

I used recycled brown office files and wallpaper to make these birdie mobiles - fishing wire to hang them up.
Sizzix bird 656516, bird house 656517

card bunting

..and don't forget the boys

A jungle mobile for a new baby

sizzix: monkey 656356, elephant 655636, lion 655637, giraffe yellow die 38-0268


We made 'soap cake' at the summer and Christmas fetes...

We went for the Women's Institute/vintage look

This is the cake that 'Mrs Minton' made for my birthday ...this is us at our soap stall

false teeth soap

Mrs Minton's yummy berry soap

Check these cakes out - my good friend made these!
Mrs Minton makes...: Sugar paste cake decorations: My sugar paste fairies with rolling the hair was fun!! I made this one for a good friend of mine after we ran a stall selling soap 'cakes'...

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Where do you put all your 'stuff'?

Well first it was under the bed..... then I got a shed for my birthday!

ohh...shed love

Fine in the summer, but very cold and too dark in I saved a cupboard from the skip.

Actually it's a Victorian school cupboard that I will strip down one day..I promise.

very useful

Tins from Marks and Spencer...contents eaten of course and now filled with 'stuff'.

My tribute to Sanna Annukka ..until the day I can afford one of her prints <laughs>,  although I did buy some of her postcards. 
 Update - I noticed someone selling one of these tins on ebay for £50 today....good luck to her....I could be sitting on a gold mine here!  But I like them too much..and a little birdie told me there's a rather cute Russian doll tin coming to M & S this Christmas.. dear Santa...please read my blog..

and the Keane book...

It also contained 2 CDs - which I haven't listened to that wrong?


although whilst googling the other day I found this...

Beautiful embroidered fairtrade cushion cover